Festival Poligon

Location: Mostar

Time frame: 20-24 Sep 2017

In cooperation with: Festival Poligon/ Hrvatski Dom Herceg Stjepan Kosača and
Verein Kurs/Split
Program PoligonFlyer Split Cities

Still young for a literature festival, Poligon started in Mostar in 2015. The effects of civil war still tangible in the city cast literature in an important bridge-building role: encounters and discussions between authors from different countries have the power to break down barriers and bring the people of a divided city back together.
This year, writers from Germany, Austria, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and the UK are scheduled to participate in a plethora of readings and other events in the city. Among others, Julia Franck and Thomas Brussig spoke on the fate of divided cities—and countries.
The festival kicked off with a literary evening in the nearby Mediterranean city of Spilt, featuring guests from Albania, Bosnia and Germany, as well as renowned Croatian authors including Olja Savičević Ivančević, Jurica Pavičić and Renato Baretić.