Ethical Questions in Judaism and Islam.
A Lecture Series at the Jewish Museum in Berlin

Location: Jewish Museum Berlin

Time frame: 23 November 2017 - 14 June 2018

Project partner: Jüdisches Museum Berlin

With technology advancing at a breakneck pace, an increasing pluralization of society and ongoing economic globalization, modern societies are faced with new ethical challenges. Most debates currently revolve around ethical problems that affect both the public sphere and every individual's private life and have some relevance for society, politics, medicine or business.

A component of the Jewish-Islamic Forum at the Jewish Museum in Berlin, this six-lecture series takes a dialogical approach to ethically controversial issues from different areas of life that sheds light on them from Jewish and Islamic points of view. At each event, two researchers present their respective positions and dialogue with each other. The lecture series looks into questions including whether there is a common guiding principle for Jewish and Islamic ethical positions, and the extent to which the diversity of convictions can be integrated into a common, normative framework of a modern society.

Program Flyer (events 2017/2018)

Program Flyer
 (events in 2016/2017)


Human Rights and Religions - a Contradiction?: 23 Nov 2017

How much Critcism do Judaism and Islam take?: 12 April 2018
The Declaration of Human Rights and their Reception: 25 Jan 2018
Equal before God and Man?: 03 May 2018
Right to Life: 08 March 2018

My God, your God, no God: 14 June 2018