László Földényi

born in Hungary in 1952, László F. Földényi is art theorist, literary scientist and essayist. As one of the most prominent Hungarian intellectuals he is professor and head of the art theory department at the Budapest Academy for Film and Theatre teaching "Europan Drama" among other subjects. He also worked as dramaturge at several theatres, translated works of contemporary playwrights including Edward Bond, Max Frisch and Heiner Müller. Living in Budapest he is translator and Co-pubslisher of a Hungarian edition of the works of Heinrich von Kleist. Since 2009 member of the German Akademy for Language and Poetry. Since 2014 member of the Advisory Board of the Allianz Cultural Foundation.

2005 Visiting Fellow at the International Center for Cultural Studies in Vienna
since 1991 Lecturer at the Institute for Comparative Literature at the Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest
1988/89 Guest of the Berlin Artist Program of the DAAD
1982 Guest lecturer at the Department of Aesthetics at the University of Budapest
1980-1986 Editor of the Hungarian magazine for theater science
until 1975 Study of Hungarian and English Studies in Budapest

Publications include:

2013 Starke Augenblicke. Eine Physiognomie der Mystik, Matthes & Seitz: Berlin
2009 Schicksallosigkeit. Ein Imre-Kertész-Wörterbuch, Rowohlt: Reinbek
2008 Dostojewski liest Hegel in Sibirien und bricht in Tränen aus, Matthes & Seitz: Berlin
1999 Heinrich von Kleist: Im Netz der Wörter, Mathes & Seitz: München
1993 Caspar David Friedrich: Die Nachtseite der Malerei, Matthes & Seitz: München
1988 Melancholie, Matthes & Seitz: München