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Victoria Square is a mosaic of cultures. Once the epicentre of a high-society neighbourhood, today a symbol of the refugee crisis, Victoria Square is home to refugees, migrants, immigrants, people with lower income and ours. The multiplicity of the social, cultural and political layers of this neighbourhood are a condensed reflection of the new Europe, or European identity. Bringing Europe together is inscribed in the transition taking place in this local context over the last decades. This is why we focus the core of our activities in Athens, inviting our partners to contribute with their own experience and input, while forming a larger network for diffusing this process over the next two years. The Victoria Square Project seeks to be a social meeting point where intercultural relations are developed, a creative platform that will enhance cultural exchanges and strengthen the region's community, through local and international exchange and artistic production.

The programme consists of three main strands, touching themes such as identity, oral history, community-engaging art, the “border”, the “other”. The Living Room as an organic meeting point for the neighbourhood, accompanied by a Public Programme, the Victoria Now-Learning Programmes strand, and an Artist-in-Residence programme. 

This programme is enriched and implemented alongside the programme’s international partners: Counterpoints Arts, London, RedClay, Tamale, the Foundation for contemporary art and media, the Savannah Contemporary Art Center, the Wunderbar Project, Rome, the Igor Zabel Association for Culture and Theory, Ljubljana, the Institute of Ideas and Imagination at Columbia University, and Paris, Metropolis – PERFORMANCE AND ART IN URBAN SPACE.

© Matias Natalini