Who: Tactical Tech

Where: Several locations in Europe

When: 01.01.2021 - 30.06.2022

With: As part of the project Tactical Tech will run an open call to engage 20 European partners from a various countries working with young people

What the Future Wants gives a voice to young people in Europe regarding the digital environment they inhabit and the digital future they will inherit. Utilising a combination of educational and cultural formats, this project seeks to connect technology issues such as digital rights, justice and power with the challenges young people in Europe are aware of and care about, from the environment and the climate crisis to discrimination and inequality in society. In partnership with up to five key partners within Europe and the young people that they work with, Tactical Tech will design a version of their award winning exhibition The Glass Room, which has been hosted at close to 170 events in over 40 countries.

The What the Future Wants exhibition will include provocative and playful objects that reflect young people’s concerns about their digital environment, for example the addictive nature of technologies or how algorithms make decisions about their future. The final topics included will be decided upon during a series of co-development workshops with young people. The touring exhibition What the Future Wants will then be hosted by schools, libraries and cultural centres across Europe, triggering a cross-border conversation about young people’s demands for their digital future.

Alongside the cultural intervention, Tactical Tech will develop an educational curricula for teachers, librarians, youth workers and parents so that they can sustainably support young people in making informed choices about their digital lives, and to ensure that the themes and topics of the exhibition have a lifespan beyond the exhibition. The education curricula will include the Data Detox x Youth, as well as workshop materials and learning guides. What the Future Wants  aims to engage and empower young people across Europe, to raise awareness about the digital rights of young people, to build capacity among European youth initiatives and finally, to create an accessible, critical and participatory space for important conversations about young people and their digital futures.