Wer: Savvy Contemporary

Wo: Berlin, Istanbul, Milan, Paris

Wann: 01.08.2020 - 31.12.2021 

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Un lieu pour Respirer
Ateliers Medicis
After the Archive
Archive Books

A major challenge of subjugated communities is the question of their archives and processes of archiving. Fragile and under threat, most of their experiences, memories and histories are not featured in narratives of the future. When the past and the present of a community is constantly silenced by politics of exclusion that preclude such histories from being part of the “main” narrative, memory becomes a site of struggle, and the necessity to create archival forensic evidence turns into an active resistance towards this process of erasure. These archives - fragile and vulnerable - have a voice that can be silenced, by preventing or prohibiting its speech. A voice which might fail to be listened to, as the issue is not whether or not the subaltern is able to speak, but whether or not anybody is listening, to paraphrase Seloua Luste Boulbina. Power plays a role here, as “archival power is, in part, the power to allow voices to be heard” . With these reflections as a point of departure, this is a collaboration between different arts and culture organizations of very different sizes working in research, education, publishing and archiving.