The N.E.W. SCHOOL aims to create a space for the transmission of values and know-how regarding cultural and activist practices oriented towards effective transformation of social and political realities and strengthening communities under political pressure. The N.E.W. SCHOOL is implemented by a coalition of five organizations dedicated to counteracting social exclusion through the use of cultural and activist tools: Krytyka Polityczna, KEM Foundation, Strefa Wolnosłowa Foundation, Automatophone Foundation, WIDOK Visual Culture Foundation, and invited international guests. The N.E.W. SCHOOL is a space where young people participate in artistic, activist and educational processes guided by tutors through workshops and seminars in five educational streams:
1) The Open Institute, addressing migrants and refugees residing in Poland, or cultural creators with a Polish background who want to work with migrant and refugee communities;
2) an Experimental Educational Platform addressing people associated with the queer environment and culture;
3) The Symphony of the Big City, addressing deaf people and homeless people with the tools of music community-building capacities, or individuals who want to work with these communities;
4) The Third View, addressing students who wish to acquire the competence to critically analyse cultural imaginary regarding issues such as blackness, social class, homosexuality and other identifications associated with the processes of exclusion;
5) Generation Change, addressing young activists operating in the areas of civil rights, with particular emphasis on anti-racism, women's rights and the protection of sexual minorities, in the areas of ecology, the right to the city and the right to culture.

uses interdisciplinary tools to combine approaches of cultural, social and critical reflection, the experience of community art, engaged choreography, political and community theatre and music, and horizontal forms of organizing the social and political progress in order to contribute to the development of democratic, civic and emancipatory values through autonomous, participatory education.